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In the 1800s, Texas farmers and ranchers who lived too far to commute to church, often built small dwellings in town called Sunday Houses where they could spend weekends. Families would leave their homesteads on Saturday mornings and come to town to shop, fellowship, worship, and rest before returning to their labor on Monday mornings. Sunday Houses were also used as places of respite during illness and later to retire. 


Today, Sunday House represents our family’s humble endeavor to nurture that same culture of welcome and of coming together regularly for fellowship, worship, and rest. It is our pleasure to share with you our raw, artisan, wildflower honey, honeycomb, and other thoughtfully curated goods from our home to yours.



Scott Petersen Sunday House Honey


Scott is our head beekeeper, Dad and Papa. He loves nature, fishing, good Texas BBQ, his family, his guitar, his dog Chica and his beloved Texas Aggies. Whoop! Sunday House wouldn’t exist without his expertise and faithful dedication to the craft of beekeeping. We lean on and learn from him constantly and couldn’t do any of this without him. He’s a keeper! 

Amber Cook Sunday House Honey


Amber is Scott and Sharon's daughter, Kyle's wife, Mom to their eight kids, and Honey to their precious grandchildren. She loves to gather, feed, entertain and teach family and friends. She enjoys strong coffee and researching natural health and wellness. She is the creator of our elderberry syrup and cough + congestion syrup kits. She is the steam in our engine and a constant source of ideas and inspiration.

Sharon Petersen Sunday House Honey


Sharon is Scott's wife, Amber's mom and a beloved Nana and GiGi to all her grands, and great-grands! She is a retired RN who loves making friends and never meets a stranger. She also enjoys nature, fishing, their dog Chica and anything that involves helping others or being with her family. She is the true MVB-most valuable bee behind the scenes—constantly serving, encouraging and holding us all together.


The Worker Bees

Worker Bees! No hive can thrive without LOTS of worker bees! This is a true family business in every sense of the word. It takes the collective energy, passions, experiences, gifts, and talents of three generations to bring all that Sunday House is to life. Every post and product is an extension and expression of who we are as a family. We put our hearts and hands to work every day to produce beautiful content, inspiration, recipes, thoughtfully curated goods, and most importantly—our local, raw, never heated or chemically treated, hand-bottled, artisan, wildflower honey. 

Sunday House helpers!

We couldn't do it without these three amazing helpers.

From checking on the bees, making products, and filling orders they do it all. 

Eli, Lily and Ella

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